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The tado° Connector Kit


Is connected to the boiler or replaces a wall thermostat.

tado° Cloud

A secure connection to the internet is established via the tado° gateway and your router.

Temperature Sensor

Measures the temperature in the living space - powered by the solar cell.

also included: Gateway, USB power adaptor, mounting screws, labels, screwdriver, cables.

How is tado° installed?

With a room thermostat

If you have a central room thermostat, you can simply replace it with the tado° box.

The tado° box is installed in your apartment using the cables from your old room thermostat.

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No room thermostat

If you do not have a room thermostat and your heating uses an outdoor temperature sensor the tado° box is directly wired to your heating system and placed next to it.

In addition you activate the tado° temperature sensor and place it in your living room. It communicates with the tado° box via radio (sensor included in the tado° Connector Kit).

Internet connection

In order to connect tado° to the internet the gateway needs to be plugged into your DSL-router.

tado° box and tado° gateway also communicate via radio.

Easy installation

95% of our users install tado° on their own. They are pleased by how quick and easy it is. If you prefer professional assistance you can order our installation service by one of our certified partners.

Control and Access

Mobile App

The app on your smartphone is the most important part of tado°. It automatically informs your heating system where you are - without you having to open the app. When you open the app you get an overview of what tado° is doing and how warm it is at home.

If you want to you can also set a temperature manually at any time. This way you can remotely control your heating. In the mobile app you also find the most important settings like home and sleep temperatures.

Tado‘s report showing heating periods and temperature development

Web App

You can access the web app with any browser on Here you can find an overview of all of tado's activities: a detailed report with a temperature curve, heating activity and events that influence the temperature regulation. Additionally you can adjust all settings, set a schedule for residents without a smartphone, and manage your account.

tado box

Home Button

In case you left your smartphone at work and nobody else is home yet, you are still in control: you will find a single button on the tado° box that lets you heat up to your home temperature.

This mode is can be deactivated by pressing the button again or in the web app. Then tado° goes back to the programmed heating schedule.

Keep an eye on things

Heating activity, inside temperature or energy consumption - if you want to you can keep an eye on everything. You can easily track how warm it has been and when your heating has been turned on. Therefore we constantly develop our overview and report functions constantly.

Visualization of temperature in tado teport



Geolocation services

Geolocation via GPS is very accurate but also consumes a lot of energy. To save your phone's battery the tado° app uses different technologies such as mobile phone tower locations, Wi-Fi access points which are close to your phone, and triangulation.

Icon house with functions

Intelligent algorithm

tado° constantly learns about the performance of your heating and how it works together with your house or apartment. This way it can trigger the best possible heating cycles - for example if you only come home briefly in the evening to get your sports bag.

Residents without the app

If one or more residents don't have a smartphone you can define an intuitive time schedule. The schedule complements the automatic geolocation service. This way tado° will warm up the home at the right time for everyone.

Tado time schedule for people without a smartphone

Manual control

Some friends are staying in your apartment or you are going on vacation? No problem. If you want to deactivate tado's intelligent control temporarily and switch to manual mode you can do so from anywhere in the world with your mobile or web app.

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