Sustainability policy in Switzerland endorses and subsidizes the tado° Smart Thermostat

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Switzerland is setting a good example: Greenhouse gas emissions should be reduced by 20% from their 1990 level by 2020. This means a reduction of approximately 11 million tonnes of CO2. In order to achieve this goal individual climate protection projects are selected and then reviewed for their ability to meet this legal framework.

With this CO2 certification the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN confirms that tado° can verifiably reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This means the Smart Thermostat is now endorsed and subsidized by the Swiss government, resulting in a 100 CHF CO2 discount.

The Foundation for Climate Protection and Carbon Offset (KliK) is the initiator of the program known as “smart thermostats” and invests their funds in demonstrably effective climate protection projects in Switzerland. The motto: reduce greenhouse gas emmisions, increase comfort and cut energy costs at the same time. That’s easy with tado° - the Smart Thermostat which works in the background like a personal heating assistant. It gives you an overview over your energy consumption and helps you cut your heating bill by up to 31%. The program boosts tado° Smart Thermostat sales by granting the customer a discount on the purchase price. Currently the tado° Smart Thermostat is available in our webshop and through our partners like swisscom or Swiss Post.


Verena Grill

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