tado° Heating off mode - beauty sleep for your heating

Count yourself lucky if you had a tado° last winter. The heating season was long and cold – according to the German Bund der Energieverbraucher, this winter the heating costs were 10-20% above recent years’ average. Despite the cold weather, tado° users were still able to cut their heating costs.

Summer is just around the corner, temperatures are rising, everything is green, and flowers are blooming. Time for sun, beach and more. Now you can send your heating system to its well-deserved summer break – only one click away.

As of now you’ll find the “Off mode” in your mobile app menu and in the web app under “Settings”, to activate a beauty sleep for your heating system. Once activated, tado° will turn off your heating system but still make sure the temperature does not fall below 5 °C. This prevents the pipes from freezing in case you forget to deactivate the summer mode next fall. Of course the hot water production will not be affected by the summer mode. Don’t forget: If you’d like to know about the inside temperature or weather around your home you can always take a look at the app.


Beaches and lakes are waiting for you – enjoy the sun and let tado° take care of the rest.


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