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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

ISH 2019: tado° Smart Thermostats control heating systems of all manufacturers

Frankfurt, March 11 2019: tado°, the leader in intelligent home climate management, presents its Smart Thermostat V3+ product suite at ISH. The smart heating control solution is compatible with 95 percent of all heating systems and helps to save energy while providing for a healthy home.

tado° works independently from manufacturers and heating systems

The heating market is traditionally highly fragmented and offers a wide range of heating systems. The tado° Smart Thermostats connect old and new heating and air conditioning systems all over Europe with the internet. As a multi-vendor solution, tado° supports and is compatible with more than 16,000 heating systems. The Smart Thermostats work in homes with oil, gas or heat pumps, and with gas and underfloor heating. Households with central or district heating can be controlled through the Smart Radiator Thermostats. Additionally, tado° is able to modulate control, meaning the heating performance can be matched to the actual heat demand. As a result, the temperature can be more easily achieved and maintained, which not only ensures more comfort but also more boiler efficiency.

One system for all heating units

Although heating systems can be complex, using tado° is simple. Installers can learn how to install the products and apply this knowledge to all heating systems. This saves valuable time for installers with packed schedules. 70 percent of people purchasing a heating system will choose to have a smart thermostat if offered during the process.* This allows installers to better serve growing customer needs with a simple solution.

V3+ Smart Thermostats

The new tado° app is a key part of the V3+ product suite. One of the new app features is the Air Comfort Skill which utilises the Smart Thermostats’ temperature and humidity sensors along with other features to analyse the indoor air freshness. tado° recognises how often windows are opened, the presence of people, the outside air quality in your neighborhood and provides meaningful tips and advice to achieve a healthier home. Geofencing remains one of the core features of tado°. The smartphone app detects when residents are leaving or approaching their home, to set temperatures efficiently. Additionally, weather forecasts and adapting algorithms further contribute to save up to 31 percent on heating costs, while improving comfort and wellbeing.

tado° Installer Club

Installers can register for free in the tado° Installer Club and take advantage of its many benefits. They can purchase the products at reduced prices and with a 5-year warranty in the new webshop. Furthermore, tado° provides installers with a dedicated customer service team who can pre-configure the products on demand. Once registered in the Installer Club Portal, installers will receive leads through the tado° Boiler Repair Services. This service enables customers to book a repair, maintenance, or order a new heating system in the tado° app. Installers will also have access to the tado° Professional app, which can convert 10,000 error codes from more than 800 manufacturers into an understandable diagnosis. The app provides an error description, identifies possible causes, and offers concrete suggestions on how to fix boiler issues.

To become a tado° installer, you can register for free online under

*Based on sell-out figures from our installer partners

About tado°

Founded in Munich, 2011, tado° is the leader in intelligent home climate management. With its Smart Thermostats for heating and cooling, tado° works as your Climate Assistant with Skills such as Geofencing, Weather Adaptation, Open Window Detection, Air Comfort, and Boiler Repair Services. With 180 employees, tado° reshapes the way energy is consumed at home for more comfort, savings and wellbeing.


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