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In an average UK household, heating accounts for over 66 percent of energy use and energy costs are rising! Annual fuel bills for an average household have reached 1,790 €.*
tado°’s vision is to use intelligent technology and work against these unpleasant trends.

The tado° Smart Thermostat boosts old and new heating systems into the 21st century. When installed on a resident’s smartphone, the tado° Heating App automatically recognizes the absence of the resident and lowers the temperature accordingly. Additionally the incorporation of Internet-based weather forecasts provide higher comfort and lower heating costs.

How much can you really save when using tado°? And why does tado° make your heating so much more efficient?

To answer these questions and to improve our software, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP conducted a 14 month simulation study. The outcome was a 68 pages study about tado°s performance and saving potential. The result: The automatic presence detection alone can bring about an energy saving of up to 24%. Furthermore, turning down the heating based on the weather forecast can add another 7% to the savings. For these reasons, the majority of users see tado° pay for itself within the first year.

You can download the Fraunhofer Report here.

*(energy regulator Ofgem)


Christian Deilmann

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Les systèmes de climatisation consomment beaucoup d’énergie et sont très onéreux. tado° Climatisation Intelligente optimise l’utilisation de votre climatiseur et vous aide à réduire vos factures d’énergie tout en luttant contre le réchauffement climatique…

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