How tado° controls your heating

The Smart Thermostat

and the Smart Radiator Thermostats connect to the internet and control your heating system or radiators.

Location-based control

The tado° Smart Thermostat automatically turns down your heating when the last person leaves home and begins to warm up again when it detects the first person returning.

The tado° app

With the tado° app on the residents’ smartphones, tado° detects how far they are away from home and sets the temperature accordingly. You can also manually control your heating.

Control from anywhere

You can control your heating from wherever you are with the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Weather forecasts

tado° adapts your heating to the weather forecast, making use of natural heat to save energy.

Building characteristics

Every house and heating system is different, so tado° learns over time how to heat yours as efficiently as possible.


See your home temperature with our live app reports and view how much energy your heating is consuming.

Data security

The communication between the thermostat, cloud servers and mobile devices is highly secure and conforms to online banking standards.

Use offline

If your internet connection goes down or you have no remote access you can still manually control your heating on the Smart Thermostat itself.

Easy installation

It’s easy to install tado° yourself, but we also offer a professional installation service.

Hot water control

With tado° you can also intelligently control your hot water and prevent bacteria such as legionella.

Multi-zone control

Control multiple rooms or zones separately with the tado° app.

Open Window Detection

The Open Window Detection recognises sudden drops in temperature or humidity when a window is opened and turns the heating off to save energy.

Smart Home Integration

tado° can be integrated to various additional smart home services like Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

How tado° products connect with the internet

The tado° products

communicate wirelessly with the Internet Bridge.

Internet connection

Connect your Internet Bridge to your router. The Smart Thermostat connects via radio to the bridge and the internet.

Data protection

The communication between the devices, the certified high-security servers and the mobile devices conforms to online banking standards.

Auto updates

As all devices are connected to the internet you will continuously receive free updates and features for apps and firmware.

Frequently asked questions

  • What distinguishes tado° from other manufacturers, or from cheaper options?

    Several features are unique to tado°; the most significant feature is the location-based-control function, which allows tado° to automatically turn the heating down or even off when the last person leaves home, and begins to warm it up again when it detects someone returning. tado° also adapts your heating profile not only to the weather forecast, but it learns over time how to heat your building as efficiently as possible. Most importantly, tado° is by far the most compatible solution for climate control in Europe, and is able to efficiently regulate almost every heating system.
  • What is the Smart Climate Assistant?

    The unique features of the Smart Climate Assistant make your life more comfortable whilst reducing your energy bill - all visible in a monthly Energy Savings Report.
  • Does tado° save even when someone is always home?

    tado° not only saves over the location-based control; you can create time blocks in the Smart Schedule and even control multiple rooms individually. Additionally, tado° uses the local weather forecast and the characteristics of your building to determine how to heat efficiently. This benefits residential houses or larger apartments in particular.
  • Isn’t it more energy intensive to let my home cool down completely and then turn the heating back up, rather than simply heating throughout the day?

    In short: No. tado° only turns down the heating to the point where energy will be saved and not wasted. Additionally, tado° learns to adapt to the characteristics of your building.
  • Does the tado° app require GPS to be on permanently to control the heating intelligently? Does that not use a lot of battery power?

    No, because the tado° app uses the most battery-efficient method to determine your position, so GPS is only called upon in exceptional cases. If you have deactivated the GPS function permanently, tado° uses other means such as WIFI or information from the mobile network to roughly determine how far you are from home. We have optimised the power consumption of the tado° app over the years so that it uses only the bare minimum.
  • Can I return the products if I’m not happy with them?

    If you are unhappy with tado°, you can return your products within 30 days of purchasing them online from us. On top of that, there is the tado° Energy Savings Guarantee: If you feel that you haven’t saved enough within the first year of using tado°, you will be refunded the purchase price after returning the products with a copy of the receipt to us. It’s that simple. More Energy Savings Guarantee information.
  • How is tado° installed?

    tado° is easy to install with our intuitive online installation assistant. You simply replace your old thermostat on the wall or on the radiator with your new tado° Thermostat. In case you need any help with the installation, our customer service will be more than happy to support you. If you prefer to not carry out the installation yourself, you can book a professional installation service when you purchase a tado° product.
  • Do I receive a detailed installation guide before buying tado°?

    tado° is compatible with all major manufacturers, such as Vaillant, Worcester, Viessmann, Ideal and Baxi, etc. Due to the high number of different heating systems, you will get your detailed and individual step by step installation description after purchase.
  • I live in rented accommodation - can I still use tado°?

    Of course you can. tado° is not only suitable for homeowners, but is great for tenants too. If you move house, you can simply take your tado° with you and reinstall the old thermostats when you leave.
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