Build your Smart Home with tado°

Expand the capabilities of your smart heating and cooling control with tado° and build your very own smart home. Connect your tado° devices with additional connected services. With integrations such as Amazon Alexa, you simply have to say: “Alexa, set the living room temperature to 22 degrees.” Improve the functionality of tado° and maximise your comfort. Find out here which integrations and services you can connect your tado° to.

Use Amazon Alexa to control your tado° Smart Thermostats and the Smart AC Control with your voice. Activate the tado° Skill in the Alexa app and connect your products in the Alexa portal. Use Amazon Echo to control your devices without lifting a finger. Learn more.
It is also possible to control your tado° devices with the voice-operated speakers by Google Home. Improve the functionality of tado° and maximise your comfort by controlling your Smart Thermostats and the Smart AC Control with your voice. By simply saying “Ok Google” the Google Assistant will be activated and ready to help. Learn more.
The tado° products connect to other apps and devices via IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT enables you to create ‘Applets’ - a combination of triggers and actions - between products and web services. You could, for instance, create an Applet to receive a message whenever everyone has left home and tado° switched to away mode. Learn more.
The tado° Smart Thermostats can be integrated with Apple HomeKit. They can be assigned to the respective rooms within the Home app: It is possible to control several devices at the same time by setting Scenes. Use Siri to adjust the temperature with your voice. Learn more.
Expand the possibilities of your tado° products with the Conrad Connect platform. This service enables you to connect various smart devices by different manufacturers. Learn more.
eNet is a home automation platform by the manufacturers Gira and Jung, based on radio communication. The eNet alliance was founded in order to guarantee a versatile home control of high quality. The know-how of renowned manufacturers is combined here: tado° is also part of this alliance and revolutionises the way energy is consumed at home. Learn more.