Introducing the new multi-temperature and away mode feature

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Hey there folks, check your app stores now: The latest tado° update makes your smart thermostat adapt even better to your needs. Below you can find a brief explanation of what’s new and how to use it. Enjoy!

Multiple temperatures

You like to have it cozy and warm when you enjoy your evening on the sofa but a cooler temperature is preferable during the day? No problem, with the new multi-temperature feature tado° now lets you create different temperatures for different times of the day. Just select the times and the temperatures and label them accordingly.

For example, Laura likes to have it comfortably warm at 21°C in the morning, works from home and feels good at 19°C during the day, whilst she prefers a cozy 22°C in the evening. So she can create these three time blocks:

21°C, 8 - 10 am = morning
19°C, 10 - 5 pm = day
22°C, 5 - 10pm = evening

You can set up to 96 time blocks with different temperatures for any day, e.g. create your individual temperatures and apply them for the whole week or divide it into weekdays and weekends or set them individually for every day.

In the day’s overview you also get to see a green Away line that tells you that the Away mode will be active when nobody is home.

If you want the temperature of a time block to be active independently from the presence detection, e.g. for residents without a smartphone, you can turn on “always active”. This time block will then be active regardless of where the residents are, thereby overriding the presence detection.

Automatic or fixed away temperature

When all residents have left the house, tado° goes to Away mode and turns down the temperature to save money and energy for you. The optimal away temperature is calculated automatically and takes various factors into account, for example how long it takes to heat up your house or apartment (the thermal characteristics) and how far away the residents are from home (geolocation).

Your feedback is really important to us so that we can develop tado° according to your needs and ideas. In the last few months we had more and more requests to be able to manually set the away temperature, so here you go! If you want full control over your heating you can now set a fixed Away temperature.

New menu structure

We have also created a more user friendly way to access all settings: The menu to set times & temperatures can be found in the right upper corner. If you want to switch the heating off or insert your heating costs then you can do this in the main menu accessible on the left upper corner. This replaces the swipe menu we had before.

We hope you like it and have fun with the new tado° features!

Your tado° team


Verena Grill

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