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Leaving the shower gives you a shiver in the morning? You won’t have this problem with 24°C in your bathroom. However, a comfortable bathroom temperature is likely an uncomfortable working temperature. The right temperature is essential not only for our well-being but also for our efficiency. Everybody who wants a convenient heating solution and a green conscience at a reasonable cost should think about investing in an intelligent heating control.

Up until now tado° has been using your phone's location to cut your heating bill. Today, your personal heating assistant offers even more. If you have more than one heating zone in your home, tado° gives you the power to control each zone and your hot water tank separately.

Pic.1: The tado° app shows your home zones at a glance.

Pic. 2: For each zone you can set up an individual Smart Schedule.

The only thing to do is to replace your room thermostats with Smart Thermostats. The mobile app then gives you access to each zone (Pic. 1), which you can control individually (Pic. 2). Thus, you can easily choose a temperature of 18°C for the second floor, whereas the living area on the first floor is kept at a comfortable 21°C all day. By using different modes within the Smart Schedule you can even have different temperatures throughout the day.

Get your indoor climate right

There is an ideal temperature for every room according to its purpose. Humidity, which is also visible in the tado° app, should be between 40 and 60% for maximum comfort.


Nobody wants to be cold, when stepping out of the shower. Thus, you can temporarily raise the temperature in your bathroom to 24°C as long as you decrease it again.


A temperature of 15 to 18°C supports recovery. Moreover, a low temperature fuels our fat burning engine.

Living room:

The preferred temperature for a cosy feeling on the sofa typically ranges from 20 to 22°C. You can increase it a little in the evening without raising your heating bill.


Try to keep the temperature no warmer than 18°C where food is stored or lying around. Open the window after cooking or baking.

If you make tado° part of your home, not only will you do the environment some good, but also yourself and your purse. Apart from that, it just comes in handy to control your heating from anywhere. With tado° you can lean back and leave the work to your Smart Thermostat. Your personal heating assistant will take care of your well-being - in all respects.

Although you can adjust the temperature in different rooms within one heating zone by manually changing the settings on the radiator, this can be done more easily in the future. By autumn 2016, we will have released our Smart Radiator Valves which enable you to define and adjust precise temperatures for each room within the mobile app. You can rest assured that we’re leaving nothing to chance when it comes to your home heating.

You can find more information about the tado° Additional Smart Thermostats here.


Max Stöckle

Your Setup for Multi-Zone Control

You have more than one heating zone in your home and want to control the different zones separately?

You need a tado° Starter Kit for the first zone:

  • one tado° Smart Thermostat
  • one tado° Bridge

Plus (for each further zone)

  • One Additional Smart Thermostat