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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

tado° launches two new IoT products - with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Echo integration

The brand new products for intelligent heating enable voice control and extended platform connectivity for every home and lifestyle.

Berlin, 1. September 2016 - Just in time for the new heating season, intelligent home climate control leader tado° has launched the v3 Smart Thermostat with comprehensive platform connectivity and the Smart Radiator Thermostats for multi-room control. These work seamlessly with one another and with major platforms to complete tado°s pre-eminent smart heating portfolio. With over £40m in VC backing, tado° is one of the world’s best funded IoT startups and is focused on bringing an open Internet of Things to homes around the world.

Since 2012, tado° has been connecting old and new heating systems across Europe to the internet with their Smart Thermostat for the benefit of residents. The result: More control, comfort and up to 31 per cent energy savings. The new Smart Radiator Thermostats extend tado°s technology into homes that do not have their own heating system and to those who would like multi-zone and individual radiator control. It is also the only radiator thermostat on the market that can use geolocation-based control and automation

The third generation for high lifestyle expectations

"Real intelligence is produced in your home when technologies interact with one another to make things effortlessly happen," explains Christian Deilmann, CEO and Co-founder of tado°. Therefore, the tado° third generation scores on the product level with improved algorithms for increased energy efficiency and an optimised user interface. On the horizontal level, the expanded platform connectivity makes tado° attractive for different user groups. One example of this is Siri (Apple) and Alexa (Amazon Echo*) making voice-controlled heating a reality. Another feature gives users the ability to customise home scenarios through IFTTT, HomeKit and Echo. This means, for example, that when you leave home not only will your heating turn down, but also your lights switch off and your alarm activates. “The smart heating control sector remains the beating heart of the smart home. Smart thermostats are currently the only technology within the smart home that generates measu rable value of savings and comfort”, concludes Deilmann.

The perfect solution for any home

"We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers. To earn a permanent place in everyday life, sustainability needs to go hand-in-hand with clear tangible user benefits," says Deilmann. This is precisely where extended platform connectivity plays a crucial role. The third generation of tado° products are neatly categorised to fit any home, whatever the setup. tado° offers two Starter Kits: One for homes with their own heating system, and one for a home with radiator thermostats. Both Starter Kits can be rented for under £6 per month from or purchased from leading retailers such as Amazon, Currys/PC World and B&Q. For multi-zone control, additional Smart Radiator Thermostats and Smart Thermostats can be added to a Starter Kit. The intelligent heating control of tado° can therefore provide for greater energy efficiency and comfort in every home.

How tado° works

The tado° app uses your smartphone to automatically turn down the heating when the last person leaves home. Accordingly, when tado° detects the first person returning, it automatically begins to pre-heat your house or apartment to the desired temperature. In addition, tado° uses weather forecasts, and gets to know your home’s unique building characteristics for the perfect blend of comfort and energy savings of up to 31 percent.

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About tado°

Headquartered in Munich, tado°, the European market leader in intelligent home climate control solutions, was founded in 2011. tado° revolutionises the way energy is consumed at home. Through the use of a geo-aware app, tado° automatically adjusts the temperature based on the residents’ locations, enabling households to significantly save on energy costs while reaching a higher level of comfort.

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