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Balance AC – save more on your AC

Subscribe to Balance AC and run your AC/air-to-air heat pump when energy is cheapest and greenest. Good for your electricity bill – and the environment.

How to subscribe

Your benefits

Save more and protect the planet – learn why Balance AC is a win-win solution for cooling and heating your home with the Smart AC Control.

Cut costs

Cut costs

You’ll save up to 20%* on electricity costs for your AC/air-to-air heat pump. Thanks to Balance AC, your system will heat or cool less, when electricity prices are high.

Enjoy peace of mind

Enjoy peace of mind

You’ll automatically shift to using electricity used for heating/cooling at times when energy is less expensive.

Protect the planet

Protect the planet

You’ll have a positive impact on the environment by shifting your consumption to times when there is more renewable energy in the grid.

*Data from tado° beta testers, between February and April 2022, found that Balance AC leads to estimated savings of up to 20%.

The idea behind it all: real-time pricing

Supply and demand determine the price of electricity. For example, when lots of wind and solar energy flows into the grid, prices typically drop. This means that the price of electricity fluctuates throughout the day. Balance AC helps you to avoid price peaks and make use of cheaper periods by changing how much your AC/air-to-air heat pump heats or cools during these hours of the day.

Example of a price curve.

An automatic system that you can control!

Balance AC works automatically but of course you are in control! You can adjust your system’s settings at any time to suit your needs. There are three different modes available which determine how much the room temperature can drop or rise below your initially set temperature: Eco, Standard and Comfort.

Things you need to benefit from Balance AC

Balance AC subscription


Smart AC Control


Time-of-use tariff


You save up to 20% on electricity costs and help to protect the planet.

Get started and experience it for yourself.

  • If you already have a Smart AC Control, you don’t need any additional hardware. Simply activate Balance AC in the tado° app.
  • The subscription costs €29.99/year for the annual subscription or €3.99/month for a monthly subscription (can be cancelled at any time).
  • Test Balance AC now with our 30-day free trial.

Smart AC Control V3+

To use Balance AC, you’ll need our Smart AC Control. If you don’t have one yet, you can view all the product information you need here. Alternatively, you can see a selection of shops where you can buy the tado° Smart AC Control.

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Balance AC FAQ

What is Balance AC?

Balance AC helps users to reduce their electricity costs when using electricity tariffs with time-of-use pricing structures in combination with an air-to-air heat pump (AC). It limits your heat pump (AC) usage when electricity prices are high, while still maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home.

How do I activate tado° Balance AC?

To subscribe, follow these steps in the app:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Balance AC
  3. Choose your preferred plan and select Start free trial

Will Balance AC make my home a less comfortable temperature?

When setting up Balance AC, you can choose between three different modes. These modes determine how much the room temperature can drop or rise (depending on whether your AC is in heating or cooling mode) below your initially set temperature.

What modes does Balance AC offer?

Eco: Adjusts your AC's temperature by 3°C below or above the currently set temperature. You’ll save the most in this mode.

Standard: Adjusts your AC’s temperature by 2°C below or above the set temperature.

Comfort: Adjusts your AC’s temperature by 1°C below or above the set temperature.

Can I try Balance AC before purchasing it?

Yes, you get a 30-day free trial to test the benefits of Balance AC before you need to pay. You can subscribe to Balance AC either monthly or annually, with the option to cancel at any time.

How much could I save with Balance AC?

Data from tado° beta testers, between February and April 2022, shows that Balance AC leads to estimated savings of up to 20%. This estimate takes into consideration the proportion of time the AC is on and the electricity prices corresponding to those times, as provided by ENTSO-E (market prices) and Octopus Agile (consumer prices currently used for all UK users).

Which energy companies work with tado° Balance AC?

tado° Balance AC automatically works with any energy supplier that uses dynamic time-of-use electricity tariffs with real-time pricing.

What if I have a fixed electricity tariff?

With a fixed electricity tariff, you’ll still be able to use Balance AC. You’ll contribute to reducing strain on the electricity grid and using more green energy, but you won’t profit from your energy savings. To benefit from savings by using Balance AC, you need to have a time-of-use tariff with real-time pricing. This means that you pay different electricity prices every 30 or 60 minutes (depending on the tariff, but Balance AC requires a tariff that uses at least hourly prices).