The tado° Smart Thermostat - Reinvented

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The tado° Smart Thermostat - Reinvented

London, October 9, 2014 - Munich IoT company tado° which introduced “The Heating App” in 2012, today unveiled a brand new generation of its Smart Thermostat that now connects nearly all existing heating systems to the smartphone app. The new tado° Smart Thermostat maintains the award winning design of the previous generations, but now adds a sleek new LED-matrix touch display for direct interaction.

The new Smart Thermostat complements the tado heating app better than ever before. The app senses when the last person leaves the house and automatically turns down the heat to save energy. “We believe people shouldn’t have to deal with their heating but let the tado° assistant do the work for them. tado° simultaneously allows for increased comfort at home as well as savings of up to 31percent 1 on heating costs every year. With our new tado° Smart Thermostat, we’re able to spread that lifestyle to even more homes - and to make using tado° even easier and more fun.” says Christian Deilmann, founder and CEO of tado°.

What’s new?

New Design: tado° works automatically in the background to save energy and keep you comfortable. It seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle. The new tado° Smart Thermostat marries this unobtrusive philosophy with an exciting new user experience - an LED-matrix display with a capacitive touch interface for quick and easy adjustments. With its minimalist design, the thermostat blends in with every living room. The screen magically comes to life and shows the home temperature if you push the button on the Smart Thermostat. “When starting the design we knew that our customers did not want a full featured display on the device that would draw too much attention or constantly light up a living room. By placing the display behind the main surface and having the LED matrix shine through, we have been able to meet this challenge in an elegant and fascinating way” says Jens Pohl, Head of Design at tado°.

Increased Compatibility & More Simplicity: The new tado° Smart Thermostat combines yet more technology in a slim device. It now connects to nearly all heating systems and replaces existing thermostats, even those which run on batteries, therefore no external cabling is needed. Even heating systems without any thermostat can be wirelessly connected with the help of the tado° Extension Kit. The new tado° thermostat now supports over 5,000 different systems from 290 vendors.

tado° Smart Thermostat Feature

Naturally the new tado° Smart Thermostat also comes with all the intelligent features from the previous tado° generation...

Automatic absence and presence detection: With the geo-aware app, tado° automatically adjusts the temperature based on your location. It senses when the last resident leaves the house and turns down the heat. Just before the first person arrives home, tado° pre-heats so that your home is already warm and comfortable.

Integration of weather forecasts: This feature further increases efficiency and comfort at home. If for example the sun is going to shine during the day, tado° will automatically take this information into account and heat on a lower setting.

Learning of individual building characteristics: tado° quickly learns to respond to the particular heating properties of your home which are influenced by factors such as its insulation and window surface area. This allows it to reach the desired temperature even more efficiently.

Hot Water control: Did you know that hot water production can account for about 21% of your total heating bill? With the tado° Smart Thermostat you can also control your hot water. You can easily set a schedule or let tado° take control.

tado° Care: Have you ever had the unpleasant autumn surprise of a non-functional heating system? Not with the new tado° service. It prevents your heating system from breakdowns and offers you immediate help in case of malfunctions.

Report: With the report in the mobile or web app you can always keep an eye on how tado° works for you.

Price & Availability

The new tado° Smart Thermostat is available to buy for £199 or to rent for £4.99 a month. Households that do not have an existing thermostat can use the Extension Kit to set up a wireless connection to their heating system (e.g. in the basement). The Extension Kit is available as an accessory to buy for £79 or rent for £2.99 a month. The tado° system is available directly from the tado° webshop , as well as at these retailers: Maplin, Dixons, Amazon, HomeServe, Curry’s, PC World and many more. A professional installation service can be booked at . Those who would like to install the tado° Smart Thermostat on their own can use the intuitive online manual.


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About tado°

Headquartered in Munich, tado°, the European market leader in intelligent home climate control solutions, was founded in 2011. tado° revolutionises the way energy is consumed at home. Through the use of a geo-aware app, tado° automatically adjusts the temperature based on the residents’ locations, enabling households to significantly save on energy costs while reaching a higher level of comfort.

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