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Did you know that hot water production can account for about 21% of your total heating bill? During the past few months we have received tons of positive feedback that tado° is currently able to control hot water but many of you wanted an additional schedule to only heat the hot water at specific times of the day. Your wish is our command!

As of today, all tado° users who have the ability to control their boiler's hot water production will now find a new range of settings on the web app. There you now have three different modes at your command: With just a click you can switch hot water manually off or on. If you turn it off then no hot water will be produced at all, if you turn it on then hot water will constantly be produced. Or alternatively simply let tado° take control, with this setting selected there will always be hot water ready when the home mode is activated.

So now the fun starts: With the new hot water schedule you can now set detailed time slots for your hot water production to save even more energy with tado° because hot water will only be heated when you really need it. Similar to the sleep times schedule, you have multiple sub options here. This new feature allows you to set the same schedule for the whole week (Monday-Sunday), or have separate times for each different day of the week. Just choose the hot water slots that you want for the sub option that fits your lifestyle the best.

Summer is fast approaching and soon you’ll hopefully be able to switch off your heating for a well-deserved rest (for frost protection tado° will switch the heating back on if the room temperature falls below 5°C). Even with your heating off this summer you’ll now be able to enjoy more control of your hot water than ever thanks to tado°.


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