Intelligent AC Control

The tado° Smart AC Control makes your air conditioner smart to maximize your comfort.

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Works with almost all remote-controlled air conditioners

Split / wall-hanging AC

Portable AC

In-window AC

Be a pioneer in a new age of intelligent air conditioner control

Location based on/off

Automatically adjusts the air conditioner: cool before you get home, saving when you're away.

Control from anywhere

With the tado° app on your phone you can always check and change the settings while on the move.

Save money

Save up to 40% on your AC costs. tado° can pay for itself in less than a year.

Works with almost all remote-controlled ACs

tado° controls your AC via infrared.

How Geolocation controls your AC

See how your home is cooled down before you arrive

Save up to 40% on your AC’s energy bill

Monitor your individual savings

Control your AC from anywhere

Check the temperature at home and change settings

Setup your air conditioner

See how the Smart AC Control replaces your simple remote

Smart AC Control

from 4.99 € / month


We understand that heating systems and air conditioners are sometimes complicated and not everybody is an expert.

If you have any questions about tado° we are happy to call you back. Naturally this is free of charge.

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