tado° News: Nest acquisition by Google

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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

tado° News: Nest acquisition by Google

Munich, January 14th, 2014 - We would like to congratulate Google on the acquisition of Nest. Nest has done an amazing job educating the market with its smart thermostat. We are thrilled by how fast they have developed. They have moved the awareness of home automation from technology enthusiasts into the mass market.

Having started at about the same time on a different continent, tado° is the intelligent heating control leader in Europe. Since its foundation in early 2011 tado° has been on a rapid growth track. Now that Nest is leveraged by Google’s power it becomes even more important to grow fast in Europe before Nest hits the continent with its learning thermostat.
tado° and Nest share the vision of a future in which the intelligence of the web will move into the physical world to enable a better life.
tado°s focus is on being an automated assistant for its customers using the smartphone as the primary user interface. We believe in building an internet of things around devices people are already familiar with and love. This product differentiation from Nest will help to gain market share.

Our dedicated team is driven more than ever to deliver a great product made in Germany, and will continue to keep privacy and security as a core part of tado°s product strategy. We care about growing a happy customer base and deliver the best possible service.

Official Google announcement: http://investor.google.com/releases/2014/0113.html


High-resolution images are available here: https://www.tado.com/ee/press

About tado°

The company tado° GmbH was founded by Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz and Valentin Sawadski in 2011.
The team has been working on the development of tado° The Heating App at the headquarters in Munich for around three years. After going to market in November 2012 and gaining thousands of users in the German-speaking area, tado° was being made available to the whole of Europe from October 2013. The name “tado” is derived from the Japanese greetings “tadaima” and “okaeri”. Loosely translated, they mean “I'm home” and “Welcome home”.

tado° is developed and manufactured in the local region, staying true to the motto: “High-tech made in Bavaria, designed in Munich, assembled near Ammersee.”

For more information, please visit https://www.tado.com/ee/

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