What the media say


"Tado is basically a smart, wall-mounted remote control for the dumb air conditioner in your window. It already offers connected cooling control via an app or using geofenced automations that turn the AC on and off as you come and go."


"Various Apps that control our homes and our energy use are coming fast and furious, but one in particular is really cool. The tado° Smart AC Control for your smart phone turns the home’s appliances, like air conditioners, into smart devices, sensing people’s position and automatically adjusting the energy use to save energy whether you’re away or at home."


"Tado’s device interfaces with over 85% of the world’s air conditioners, including both portable and window units. Once installed, Smart AC Control allows users to interact with their cooling system much like traditional smart thermostats do. For example you could have the system pre-cool before you get home, and automatically turn itself off to save energy when you are away."

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