Till, a happy beta user

It’s an honor to introduce to you Till,  one of our beta users. This tall man has been one of the few first lucky ones to test tado° for free in his home. He has been an avid user and outstanding help for the entire tado° team. So we decided to meet him for a quick chat about the tado° experience:

tado° – Hi Till, thanks for taking the time to meet us! Let’s get started right away: What exactly has changed since we’ve connected you to the tado° service a couple of months ago?

till – The biggest change is that I finally understand what my heating system is actually doing. Before I got tado° it was either cold or too warm in my apartment so I constantly had to adjust the temperature. At some point I gave up on my old thermostat. No chance to get this thing right. With tado° this has been simplified and I don’t have to waste energy when I don’t need it. Additionally I am able to control my heating system from anywhere. To put it in a nutshell: This is genious! For example if you want to leave the house spontaneously for a couple of hours you know that tado° will take care of all temperature adjustments. As soon as I come back it will be back to my preferred temperature. It’s actually fun to watch the temperature decrease in my dashboard overview as soon as I leave the house.

tado° – Sounds great! So you instantly understood how tado° works and how to use it?

till – Exactly.

tado° – How would you describe tado° with only three expressions?

till – quick installation, efficient to use, great to handle

tado° – How do you feel when you use tado° on your smartphone?

till – I only used tado° with my laptop once right after the installation. After that I have solely used it with my smartphone. It feels like a remote control for your heating system when you’re out on the move or simply on the couch. It gives me a feeling of control and that has a calming effect.

tado° – That’s interesting. Tell me more about this feeling and the fact that you know what’s happening at home.

till – Sure. For example I went skiing last weekend and then a friend called and said he wanted to stay in my apartment for a couple of nights. Before he arrived I could set the temperature right from the ski lift so it was warm for him right away. That just felt awesome!

tado° – Do you believe that tado° is actually saving energy for you?

till – Haha! I strongly assume that! It actually couldn’t be another way since I can see that the temperature adapts to my behaviour. At the same time the comfort level has increased. So we are eager to see the next bill!

tado° – The good news is: It actually does save a lot. Soon we will release the savings visualization. How does tado° affect your comfort level that you just mentioned?

till – Well with tado° I can bypass all that old-fashioned heating technology and control it in a way that it suits my needs. On top this doesn’t happen based on intangible parameters but instead pure temperature. This is what I understand and I don’t have to worry about anything.

tado° – Could you imagine to buy tado° when it becomes available next October as it gives you increased comfort, control and savings?

till – Absolutely. Of course it depends on the price but especially the combination of real-time visibility and increased comfort has convinced me (and my girlfriend also agrees).

tado° – Could you imagine a simpler way to save energy than using tado°?

till – Well I could drive my car less I guess but other than that not really.

tado° – But this would take away a bit of your quality of life right? With tado° this would not be the case.

till – True

tado° – Would you recommend tado° to your mother-in-law?

till – No because she doesn’t really have a computer or smartphone but my father-in-law would love it. It should actually be possible to be used by all age groups since the handling is intuitive.

tado° – Ok Till, last question: Will you name your first child “tado°”?

till – Haha, I really feel tempted but I believe I will receive some vetos then!

tado° - Thanks again for your time. We’ll be sure to get you a brand-new tado° system in October when we start selling !

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