IFA 2017: tado° launches the new Smart Climate Assistant

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Today tado° presented its next generation software at IFA in Berlin - transforming tado° into the Smart Climate Assistant.
The unique features of the Smart Climate Assistant make your life more comfortable whilst reducing your energy bill. In addition, you can access a brand new Energy Savings Report (more information) which shows how much energy tado° has saved you on a month-by-month basis.

Open Window Detection: Sudden changes in temperature or humidity when a window is opened are detected by the tado° Open Window Detection, and the heating is turned off automatically to not waste energy.

“Repair Services” Button (available: Autumn 2017*): Access immediate help from an engineer in your area as soon as a problem occurs with your heating and air conditioning.

*UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland only

Geofencing: Presence detection ensures that the heating is automatically turned down when the last person leaves home, and that it is already comfortably warm by the time the first person returns. Furthermore, you can now adjust the geofencing radius which switches your tado° to home mode.

Weather Adaptation: When sunshine is predicted, tado° turns the heating down to take advantage of the solar gain and avoid overshooting the set temperature, for higher efficiency and comfort at home. The new climate report now visualises these effects.


Alexander Pocs

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