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Control your air conditioner automatically with your smartphone. tado° turns the air conditioner down when the last person leaves home and starts to cool again when it detects the first person returning. This can reduce your AC’s electricity costs by up to 40%.

What´s in the Box?

Smart AC Control, USB cable, plug, adhesive strips

  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • 2-year warranty

You can make your home even more comfortable by automating Geofencing and Open Window Detection with the Auto-Assist Skill.* The Auto-Assist Skill is available in the app for only €2.99 per month, and can be cancelled at anytime.

These two Skills also work without Auto-Assist. You will simply be notified via push notifications to (de)activate the heating if the Skills are triggered.


The Smart AC Control offers several integration possibilities, such as Google Home, Amazon Echo, and IFTTT.

Make tado° part of your connected home. Use Google Assistant or Amazon Echo to voice control your heating and create Applets with IFTTT to connect with other applications and smart devices.


Control your air conditioning via your smartphone app or directly on the Smart AC Control device.

  • LED matrix display

  • Touch interface

  • Infrared emitters


tado° Smart AC Control

controls your air conditioning via infrared, just like your remote control, and connects effortlessly through your Wi-Fi to the internet.


More Specifications

Power Supply:

AC 120 / 240V, 5V USB power supply, cable length 1850 mm


LED matrix 10 x 19 LEDs, 32 x 20 mm / Cap-Touch surface


humidity, temperature, volume, brightness, IR-RX & IR-TX

Dimensions (L x W x H):

Smart AC Control 100 x 100 x 14.5 mm


74g / 403g package

Certification Preparation:

certified ISO 14001 / ISO 9001 / BS OHSAS 18001 / EU RoHS directive 2011/65 / EU recyclable packaging

Manufacturer Warranty:

2 years

Wireless connection:

connects via Wi-Fi with all 802.11b / g / n, 2.4 GHz router

Data Encryption:

TLS 1.2 (SSL), 2048-bit Extended Validation Certificate / TLS 1.2 (SSL) 256-bit elliptic curve / AES-CCM AES-CCM encryption

Product - Material and surface:

PC + ABS plastic, PC plastic, PE plastic / front: white, matt / glossy IR window Strip gloss black, rear: light gray rubberized


English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch

Integrations / API :

Amazon Alexa (Echo etc.), IFTTT, Google Home, Developer API (coming soon)


More control

Whatever the time of day, tado° lets you know your home temperature, when the AC is on, how much you’re saving and allows you to control your AC from wherever you are.

Geolocation control

tado° regulates the air conditioning using the residents’ locations: Saves when nobody is at home and cools or heats when it detects the first person returning.

Save on energy costs

Reduce your power consumption by up to 40% through intelligent control of your air conditioning.

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More transparency

The report shows you your home temperature throughout the day and how much energy you are saving.

More comfort

tado° always creates the perfect temperature at home and automatically turns down when the last person leaves - without schedules and programming.

Control from anywhere

Manage your AC anytime, anywhere via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Easy installation

Just plug it into the wall outlet and connect through your home Wi-Fi to the internet.

Flexible use

tado° adapts to your needs: automatic control, schedules or manual control.

For air conditioning systems with remote controls

Works with all air conditioners and heat pumps with remote control: Split and multisplit units, window and portable freestanding appliances.


Works with remote-controlled ACs

The Smart AC Control works with all air conditioners with a remote control that displays the air conditioner’s current settings (for example mode, target temperature and fan speed).

Install with your remote control

The installation of the Smart AC Control is very easy. Because tado° can learn remote control commands via our leading teaching procedure, you can easily teach tado° the commands of your old remote control.


To power the tado° Smart AC Control, plug the USB cable into the back of the device and the power plug into a socket.

On a surface

You can place tado° on a surface and run the cable to the rear end out of the device. If the cable is too long, you can store it in the back of the device.

On a wall

The tado° Smart AC Control can be attached with adhesive strips to the wall. The cable then leads out at the bottom of the device.


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