Compatible with Remote-Controlled Air Conditioners

The tado° Smart AC Control and app replace the old infra-red remote from your air conditioner. tado° is therefore compatible with almost all split, window-mounted and mobile air conditioners.

This is how tado° controls your air conditioner


The tado° app on your smartphone connects via the internet to your Smart AC Control.

Smart AC Control

The Smart AC Control connects to your air conditioner via infrared, replacing your old remote control.

Easy Setup

Check if your AC is in our database

We have already stored the remote control command signals for hundreds of manufacturers and are constantly growing our database. Choosing your brand allows an automatic setup.

...and many more


Congratulations! Your brand __BRAND__ is already in our database!

Check again

Automatic Set-Up

Simply select the brand of your air conditioner during the installation.

Teach tado° from your old remote

Your AC’s brand is not in our database yet? Not a problem! tado° can learn the necessary commands from your old remote.


On the wall

Use the integrated cable guide system to hide unwanted lengths of cable and thread the cable out the bottom cable exit to the desired power source.

On a surface

E.g. shelf or table. Use the integrated cable guide system to adapt the cable length to your needs and use the cable exit at the top of the device.


Hide any excess cable thanks to the cleverly placed pins on the back of the Smart AC Control.

Multi-zone support

You can use multiple Smart AC Control units in your home to independently control different zones comfortably from your smartphone.

  • Free app updates
  • Free firmware updates
  • 2-year warranty

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