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tado° helps energy and heating companies to solve their key strategic challenges.

A tado° Smart Thermostat offered together with an energy tariff or heating system can:

Improve operational efficiency and save costs

Improve customer acquisition

Improve customer engagement & satisfaction

Reduce churn

Save your customers’ energy

tado° offers many more value-added services like energy data cloud-to-cloud integration, integration of the tado° Smart Thermostat into your smart home platform, cross-selling tools in the tado° mobile application, as well as your brand visibility in tado°’s market-leading user interface.

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Our approach to value creating partnerships

Our B2B partnership approach is to work hand-in-hand with our partners to make them succeed - We put the success of our partners at the heart of everything we do!

tado° is an experienced partner. We have plenty of smart thermostat and smart home market expertise across Europe. We market and sell smart thermostats throughout Europe, both B2C and B2B. We also integrate with all leading smart home platforms.

We have a proven track record of working with the largest energy companies and fast-moving challengers from the energy retail and heating industry with a dedicated Key Account Management team. We focus on close and agile product and service development in collaboration with our partners. We know that the key to success is localised end-customer support, as well as supporting your operational installer & sales teams.

tado° Expertise

We offer extensive expert knowledge and first-class support to achieve the best results together with our business partners.

IoT and SaaS product expertise

IoT Marketing and Sales

Artificial Intelligence

UX/UI design