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Paul Hughes

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Smart thermostat company tado° presents extended portfolio

New solutions enable more households to save energy

September 3, 2015 - Intelligent climate control pioneer tado° announces an expanded product portfolio at IFA Berlin. New solutions for individual room control will bring the tado° intelligence to homes with central district heating. With these new products, over 600m households worldwide will be able to use the tado° app.

High energy prices and climate change is leading homeowners and tenants to seriously address energy efficiency at home. Billions of pounds are wasted every year through the heating and cooling of empty homes and it’s tado°’s mission to improve energy efficiency through the development of intelligent solutions for home heating and air conditioning systems.

Since 2012, the tado° Smart Thermostat and its geo-aware app have been bringing old and modern heating systems across Europe online. This has benefited homes with their own boiler or apartments with gas central heating. At IFA, tado° announces two new products for people who have a shared heating system, such as an apartment with central district heating or a boiler in the basement.

The new Additional Smart Thermostat can control multiple heating zones individually within a home. Different floors or individual rooms with underfloor heating, for example, can be controlled via a thermostat in each room. The old wall controller can be easily replaced so that individual rooms are controlled via the intelligent tado° app, providing a comprehensive household heating solution. An Additional Smart Thermostat can be purchased for £179 (€199) or rented for £6.99 (€7.99) per month and will be shipped from November 2015.

tado° is also announcing the Smart Radiator Valve which will replace common radiator thermostats. Available in Q3 2016, this is particularly suitable for homes with radiators but without gas central heating. Moreover, this new solution will also allow existing tado° customers to separately control their rooms. For those interested in joining the beta tester programme, information is already available on tado°’s website.

tado° Smart AC Control

tado° gives you a first class energy label (A+++)
As of September 26, 2015 the new European ErP directive will come into force and the energy label which already applies to refrigerators and washing machines will also be compulsory for heating systems. The tado° Smart Thermostat will always rank in the highest temperature control classes and thus significantly contributes to a first class energy efficiency label. For more information visit:


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Sur tado°

tado° est le thermostat intelligent pour les particuliers, entreprises et commerces. Il reconnaît lorsque le dernier résident quitte les lieux et baisse le chauffage. Il prend aussi en compte les prévisions météorologiques en temps réel ainsi que les caractéristiques du bâtiment. La protection complémentaire tado° Care assure un fonctionnement optimal du chauffage en anticipant les pannes et vous fournit une assistance rapide en cas de disfonctionnements.

tado° a été créé par Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz et Valentin Sawadski en 2011. L’équipe travaille au développement de tado° depuis le siège de Munich. Après leur entrée sur le marché en novembre 2012 et après avoir gagné des dizaines de milliers d’utilisateurs en Europe avec tado° pour systèmes de chauffage, l’équipe a lancé tado° Smart AC Control pour climatiseurs.

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