Auto Assist Away Modus

Save energy effortlessly. With Auto-Assist

Lean back, get comfy and save energy! Enjoy fully-automated Geofencing and Open Window Detection with Auto-Assist.

No one at home? Let Auto-Assist take care of the temperature

As soon as everyone has left home, tado° automatically turns down your heating or AC to save energy. When the first person is on their way back, tado° starts preheating or cooling your home.

Open windows? Auto-Assist adapts to ensure comfort

When tado° detects an open window in your home. it automatically turns the heating or AC off for a while to save energy.

How to get Auto-Assist

Get the Auto-Assist Skill in your tado° app for only £2.99 per month or £24.99 per year. You can cancel this subscription at any time.

As soon as you activate Auto-Assist in your app, all members of your home will enjoy the benefits.

Auto Assist Comparison Table - Uk pounds

How tado° saves you money

With tado°, you heat and cool only when you need it. tado° offers smart Skills like Geofencing and Open Window Detection, and it takes weather forecasts into account when heating or cooling. This means, tado° helps you cut down on your energy use and saves you money.