Improve your comfort with a clear conscience

tado° helps you improve your comfort while saving energy. Enjoy the perfect temperature in every room according to your needs. tado° also helps you improve the air quality in your home. And it puts you in control. You decide how much you want to automate.

Welcome home

With Geofencing, tado° reminds you to turn on the heating or your AC as soon as the first person is on their way home. With Auto Assist, tado° can automatically adjust the temperature and make your home ready for the first person’s arrival.

Open your windows without wasting energy

tado° detects open windows and reminds you to turn down your heating or AC to save more energy. With Auto Assist, tado° automatically turns down your heating or AC when it detects an open window.

Get your day off to a cosy start

Nobody likes a cold bathroom in the morning. tado° preheats your rooms to the perfect temperature according to your schedule.

Control the comfort of your home from anywhere

Use the tado° app or your smart speaker to adjust the temperature in every room. Easily and comfortably control your heating or cooling on the road or from the couch.

Let the weather help you save

tado° takes local weather forecasts into account. It adjusts your heating or AC depending on the weather, to save energy.

Get the full picture

tado° advises you on how to keep the air in your home healthy. It gives you insights about the outdoor air quality. You can also always see how much energy you’ve saved each month.

Maximise comfort effortlessly. With Auto-Assist

Automate tado° Skills and maximise your comfort. With Auto-Assist, tado° automatically adjusts the temperature when the last person leaves your home and in time for the first person’s arrival. It also automatically turns off the heating or AC when an open window is detected.