There is no planet B

Around a third of all global energy consumption goes to the heating and cooling of buildings. tado° develops technologies, products and services for a modern and sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort. These smart technologies allow for more efficient climate control and can help cut down up to 31% of your energy use.

Saving energy starts with your heating

Heating and hot water account for 79% of total household energy use. So it makes sense to start here to save energy.

Your contribution matters

Each one of us can reduce energy consumption to contribute to the big picture. Do your bit!

tado° helps you save energy

With tado°, you heat and cool only when you need it. This reduces energy consumption and saves money.

Saving energy does not mean less comfort

tado° provides the ideal temperature whenever you need it and helps you to improve your indoor climate. You save energy and costs without having to make compromises.

How tado° saves you money

With tado°, you heat and cool only when you need it. tado° offers smart Skills like Geofencing and Open Window Detection, and it takes weather forecasts into account when heating or cooling. This means, tado° helps you cut down on your energy use and saves you money.