tado° Energy Savings Guarantee

Save energy or get your money back

We guarantee that you will save more energy with tado°. If you are not satisfied or tado° has not saved enough, you can claim your money back.

How tado saves your money

tado° was developed to reduce your energy consumption when heating or cooling your home. The smart technology of tado° helps you to use only as much energy as needed without sacrificing comfort. We are confident that you will benefit from tado°. If you are not satisfied with tado°, you can claim your money back.

This is how it works

Whether you bought tado° directly from our webshop or from one of our retail partners, the process is the same.

Contact our Support Team with your purchase details. The team will reply with more information about the claim process.

Ship the complete, undamaged tado° product to tado° in Germany.

We will then transfer you your money back. No additional documentation (energy bills etc.) is needed. We trust you!


The Energy Savings Guarantee applies to all heating products that were purchased less than 12 months ago. Devices must have been actively used for at least 6 months. For the Smart AC Control, the Energy Savings Guarantee applies only for the first 100 days after purchase.

How tado° saves you money

With tado°, you heat and cool only when you need it. tado° offers smart Skills like Geofencing and Open Window Detection, and it takes weather forecasts into account when heating or cooling. This means tado° helps you cut down on your energy use and saves you money.