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tado° reaches milestone of 2 million sold smart thermostats - sold smart thermostats doubled within in two years

London, 17 February 2022 - tado° has announced today that it has sold over 2 million smart thermostats across Europe. Whilst the first milestone of 1 million sold smart thermostats was achieved in the first 7 years of the company’s life, the 2nd million of smart thermostats were sold in just 2 years, showing a rapid rate of growth for the business.

2 Million Milestone

During times of energy prices reaching new heights, and frustrated customers having to deal with climbing heating costs, intelligent energy control has become more important than ever. Technologies like smart thermostats are an easily affordable, yet long term solution to help people to save an average of 22% on annual energy costs. This 22% saving provided by smart thermostats could be a lifeline for those struggling to pay their bills and keep their home warm in 2022. 

In the UK the Treasury has announced The Energy Bills Rebate, a £200 rebate on final energy bills in 2022, for all UK homes. This presents a significant opportunity for UK homeowners to invest in low-cost energy efficient measures for their home, in order to offset future energy costs. Tado°’s smart thermostats retail in the UK at £179.99 RRP, offering UK homeowners a way to invest in energy efficiency measures and reduce their bills 22% annually.

In addition they do not only save money they also reduce their carbon footprint without ever compromising on comfort. 

Compatible with all kind of homes

With 1 million sold smart thermostats within 2020 - 2022 tadoº plays a leading role in driving the adoption of smart heating and controls for European homes. tado°'s smart thermostats are the most compatible on the European market, working with over 95% of all European homes and 18,000 heating systems of over 900 OEM’s. Thanks to detailed step-by-step instructions provided in-app, users can easily install the smart thermostats by themself.

“With our know-how and our smart technologies we want to revolutionize the energy market for more comfort, more money savings and a more sustainable future for our customers“, says Christian Deilmann, Co-founder and CPO at tado°. “For that reason our vision is to create one of the most impactful smart energy efficiency and management platforms in Europe and beyond”.

“With the UK Energy Bill Rebate, UK homeowners have a significant opportunity to invest into proven methods of reducing their household energy consumption. As the price of gas and heating rises, the best option for homes is to lower their consumption, something that smart thermostats excel at. The earlier a home upgrades to a smart thermostat, the more significant their annual savings are.”

The Future of flexible energy usage 

Energy efficiency and innovation is more important than ever to reduce Europe’s reliance on fossil fuels. With sustainable solutions like heat pumps combined with the intelligent control of tado° and Time-of-Use electricity tariffs, energy will become an affordable and clean solution with lower costs. 

tado° controlled systems can automatically use times of lower priced energy to heat buffer storage and hot water tanks. In times of high energy prices tadoº will make use of the stored heat and hot water to avoid buying expensive energy. This reduces energy costs without ever compromising on comfort.

 tado°’s solution also serves the future of energy networks and renewables. Flexible energy demand will be key to enabling a fully renewable energy system for Europe.

About tado° 

tado° is the European leader in intelligent home climate management. As the only cross-manufacturer platform, tado° Smart Thermostats and services connect with any kind of heating or cooling system. Customers benefit from energy-saving technology such as Geofencing and Open Window Detection as well as time-of-use energy offerings. Founded in Munich, 2011, and with 180 employees, tado° reshapes the way energy is consumed for more comfort, savings, and in sync with


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