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Introducing tado° Balance, paving the way for the energy transition

The new product will actively seek out times of affordable green energy throughout the day for heat pumps and ACs, shifting consumption and lowering energy costs for customers typically by 38% 

tado° Balance Launch Image

Munich, 31 August 2022 - tado°, the leader in intelligent home climate management, today launches tado° Balance to revolutionise the future of home energy consumption and renewable energy. 

In a renewable electricity market prices are volatile. When the availability of wind or solar energy is high, energy prices drop significantly. tado° Balance uses these times of low energy prices throughout the day to do the bulk of your home’s cooling or heating, whilst maintaining the preferred temperature ranges within a user’s comfort zone. [1]

Electric Vehicles (EV) already work with chargers that sync to tariffs and only charge the car overnight or during times of low pricing. With tado° Balance the AC or heat pump will do the same thing, actively seeking these low prices.

By using smart thermostats customers save on average 22% energy costs. With tado° Balance, customers will reduce their costs by 20% additionally. Overall tado° customers who balance their home energy will have savings of typically 38% [2]. For example against an average German electricity price of 37 cents per kWh customers on a Time-of-Use tariff combined with tado° Balance would only pay 23 Cent per kWh [3]. 

Not only does this mean cheaper bills for the household, but it marks a seminal moment for the energy transition. Whilst we can’t control when the sun shines or the wind blows, we can control the consumption in homes to match those times. 

tado° co-founder and CPO Christian Deilmann says “If Europe wants to succeed in the energy transition, we need to match the demand of energy to the supply that is available. tado° Balancepairs home energy use to the renewable supply, and thereby paves the way for the energy transition to grow its share of renewable sources.”

Currently 79% of a home’s energy use comes from heating [4]. By reducing costs of energy, tado° Balance provides customers with an incentive to adopt electrified heat solutions like heat pumps.


tado° Balance launches today in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland for Android and iOS, with more countries to follow. tado° Balance is a service within the tado° app for £3.99 per month or £29.99 per year, and will reach all major European countries in 2022. Users can try Balance for a one-month free trial to experience the benefits themselves. 

Customers with Time-of-Use tariffs such as aWATTar Hourly, Tibber or Octopus Agile will benefit most from financial savings due to the fluctuating price of energy they provide (other Time-of-Use tariffs are available). To set up, users simply select their country and region, and tado° Balance will automatically follow the wholesale price of electricity in each country or region, regardless of energy provider.

[1] tado° Balance works with the tado° Smart AC Control V3+ and is compatible with over 500 air-to-air heat pump products.

[2] Calculated with 22% reduction from smart thermostat, and a further 20% reduction on those initial savings.

[3] 37 cents per kWh source. 29 cents per kWh source.

About tado° 

tado° is the European leader in intelligent home climate management. As the only cross-manufacturer platform, tado° Smart Thermostats and services connect with any kind of heating or cooling system. Customers benefit from energy-saving technology such as Geofencing and Open Window Detection as well as time-of-use energy offerings. Founded in Munich, 2011, and with 180 employees, tado° reshapes the way energy is consumed for more comfort, savings, and in sync with nature.


For more high-resolution images of tado° products please click here.

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