Save more with tado°

tado° controls your heating and cooling smartly and uses energy only when it’s actually needed. This cuts down your energy use by up to 31% and lets you save more.

tado° lets you set temperatures for your home based on your daily routine with the Smart Schedule. Set it, forget it and save energy as you go.

tado° ensures that your home is always at a comfortable temperature. Save more money with fewer temperature fluctuations.

tado° heats or cools only when necessary. If nobody is at home, no energy is wasted.

tado° considers the weather forecast, detects open windows and helps you keep your home comfy with its smart Skills.

With tado°, you can manage each room individually. Every room will be at the exact temperature you need it to be at the exact time you choose.


Save energy or get your money back

We guarantee that you will save more energy with tado°. If you are not satisfied or tado° has not saved enough, you can claim your money back.