Smart Radiator Thermostat

The Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+

Make your radiators smart. Save energy and maximise comfort. Available with vertical or horizontal mounting.

Smart Radiator Thermostat - Vertical

For your radiators

Control your radiators in every room, whether you heat with your own boiler or district heating. tado° is compatible with almost all radiator valves.

Install it yourself

Install the Smart Radiator Thermostat yourself in just a few minutes. Follow the online installation assistant with the detailed step-by-step instructions tailored to your heating setup.

Adapt your heating to suit your routine

With the Smart Schedule, tado° lets you plan your desired day and night time temperatures in time blocks based on your routine.

Let the sun warm up your home

tado° takes local weather forecasts into account. It turns down the heating, if the sun is warming up your home, to save energy.

Breathe healthier air with tado°

With the Air Comfort Skill, tado° advises you on how to keep the air in your home healthy. It also gives you insights about the outdoor air quality.

Never heat an empty home

With Geofencing, tado° reminds you to turn down the heating when the last person leaves home and to turn it up in time for the first person’s arrival.

Don’t pay to heat the neighbourhood

tado° detects open windows and reminds you to turn down your heating to save more energy.

Your heating, now on your phone

Control your heating from anywhere via the tado° app. Get instant access to your home’s temperature, heating activity and Energy Savings Report.

Your voice is your remote

tado° works with most common smart home platforms and can be controlled via voice commands.

Money-Back Guarantee Badge

Save energy or get your money back

We guarantee that you will save more energy with tado°. If you are not satisfied or tado° has not saved enough, you can claim your money back.

«If you're after a smart heating system that's easy to manage, doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, and is compatible with all your smart speakers and assistants, Tado is a genuinely great option.»


Buying options

The tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat is available in our webshop and in retail stores.