tado° app

Manage your home climate with your smartphone

Control your tado° devices, set heating or cooling schedules and get insights and tips on how to make your home climate even better, from anywhere.

Control rooms independently

See all the rooms that you control with tado° in the app. Check current temperatures, create heating or cooling schedules and adjust individual room temperatures on the go.

All smart Skills at your fingertips

Get quick access to data on indoor and outdoor air quality and energy savings. You can even book an installer or get a repair quote directly in the app.

Smart schedule

Set individual schedules

With the Smart Schedule, tado° lets you plan your desired day and night time temperatures in time blocks based on your routine.

Weather adaptation skill image

Heat or cool according to the weather

tado° takes local weather forecasts into account. It adjusts your heating and cooling accordingly to save energy.

Air comfort skill

Breathe healthier

tado° advises you on how to keep the air in your home healthy. It also gives you insights about the outdoor air quality and the current pollen forecast in your area.

Geofencing image background

Never heat or cool an empty home

With Geofencing, tado° reminds you to turn off your heating or AC when the last person leaves home and to turn it on in time for the first person’s arrival. This feature can be switched off optionally.

Open window detection skill image

Don’t pay to heat or cool the neighborhood

tado° detects open windows and reminds you to turn your heating or AC off to save more energy.

Reports (ESR + Climate Report) skill image

Get insightful reports

The tado° app gives you insights into how your indoor climate has changed over time and how much energy you’ve saved so far.

Book a repair

Does your heating system need repairs, maintenance or upgrading? Book an experienced installer or request a quote directly in the app.

Try the demo

Download the free tado° app and explore its features in demo mode. Get a feel for tado° before buying the devices.

Maximise comfort effortlessly. With Auto-Assist

Automate tado° Skills and maximise your comfort. With Auto-Assist, tado° automatically adjusts the temperature when the last person leaves your home and in time for the first person’s arrival. It also automatically turns off the heating or AC when an open window is detected.