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Boilers are expensive, so any TLC needed to keep them ticking over nicely is a smart move. A thorough and specialist boiler service can prolong the life of your boiler and central heating system, and helps keep your manufacturer warranty intact. Here are some of the boiler services we offer:

  • A full boiler inspection
  • An assessment of your current heating controls and best-practice advice regarding energy efficiency
  • Testing the appliance in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to ensure correct operation
  • A final combustion analysis and measurement against tolerances set by the manufacturer's instructions
  • Checking the integrity of all seals and gaskets
  • Ensure that any condensate traps and drains are free from debris
  • A test of all disturbed gas connections, carry out functional testing of heating and hot water
  • A visual inspection of any other encountered gas appliances, written notification of any gas safety defect which may affect the safe operation of your appliances

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