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"tado has blossomed into the most versatile smart heating system you can buy right now... a smart heating mastermind and the new king of the boilerbrains."


"The tado° Smart Thermostat should be at the heart of your heating ecosystem. Its simple interface enables you to quickly check and adjust the heating... tado° tracks weather conditions and learns the characteristics of your home to heat it more efficiently."

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"The new Smart Radiator Thermostat can be attached to any radiator in your home, letting you control the heating in that room remotely. These new features arguably complete what was an already accomplished product."

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We love the Tado thermostat, it works like a dream and we no longer need to think about adjusting the temperature.

Excellent service and a seamless self installation in about 15 minutes! Perfect!

thermostat set and ready. Amazing to see the savings and have the possibility to control heating remotely.

Got our tado Smart heating system up and running in half an hour first thing this morning, fresh out of the box. Simple and ace!

My energy bills were way too high, but since I’ve been using tado my bills shot down, saving me on average £20 a month. Over the last year we saved £238 with our smart thermostat!

Maria W.

I was a bit sceptical about getting a smart thermostat as I’m not a technical person, but tado° was really easy to install and the customer service is excellent. Now I sit back and let tado work its magic.

Paul H.

Tado’s geolocation feature is why I bought it. Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting the heating on or coming back to a cold house as everything is done automatically. It even reacts to the weather to save me more money.

Phillipp H.

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