Diverse backgrounds - unique vision

Our employees and their places of birth

¡Hola, amigos de tado°!

Your Spanish got a little rusty? No problem, Diego will be happy to help you out.  Our team not only comprises diverse professions - software developers, electrical engineers, designers, communication managers and business people - but above all bright minds from all over the world. So far tado covers: Portugal, China, Brazil, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and the U.S.. To make sure that communication runs smoothly we speak English most of the time. The diversity of the team is reflected in groundbreaking ideas and views which finally shape our unique product. We come from different backgrounds but we all share the same passion: reducing energy consumption in private homes. That is why we founded tado°.

Lunch breaks are fun and we all learn a lot about other cultures and languages. Come and visit us at our tado° lab. The doors are always open for those who want to talk about energy transition, technology, design and more. We are looking forward to you!

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