Unbox it. Install it. Relax.

Good news! Installing our intelligent heating control system tado° is just as easy as using it. In a few simple steps tado° is set up and ready to go. Of course our customer support team is always happy to assist you in case there are still open questions. Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve ordered tado° we’ll send you our hardware package. The login credentials are provided in the box which you can use to access the step-by-step installation flow. You’ll then be guided through a visual installation manual. All you need is a screw driver and 10-20 minutes of your time, depending on your heating system. Our video shows Niki who runs through the most important installation steps for heating systems with a central thermostat:


Watch installation video



For those who prefer not to install tado° themselves we offer a professional installation service through a certified partner. But until now 95% of our cutomers have installed their tado° by themselves and would do it again. Some of them have even cancelled their booked installation service.

" We had no problems installing it, we followed your online manual which is for the first time in my online life clear as it can possibly be and logical too. "

   – Orsolya (joined 12/2012)

" I’m speechless. I have never seen such a great installation manual. The step by step instruction in the web browser leaves nothing to be desired. Thanks to the pictures and the instant feedback if the devices are correctly connected the installation should be a piece of cake for everyone. "

   – Kai (joined 11/2012)

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