Meet Tobias and his tado°.

Today, we would like to introduce Tobias who is one of our first beta customers. Just after our market launch he bought tado° for his home which he shares with 3 flatmates. We met with him and talked about his experience with tado°:

tado° - What exactly has changed since we’ve connected you to the tado° service?

Tobias - The heating system has become an ordinary home appliance. Before using tado° the heating was something complicated which could only be maintained by experts. It was working somehow but I didn’t really understand what was going on exactly. With the old thermostat not having a display, I couldn’t say if the set temperature was applied or even if it was working at all. That’s over now!

tado° - Why did you choose tado°?

Tobias - We wanted an easy way to modernize our heating system. We already knew the nest thermostat in the U.S. but it’s not compatible in Germany. We were at the point of giving up when I heard of tado°. The Intelligence, the presence detection, and the smartphone integration convinced me right away!

tado° - How was the installation?

Tobias - Done in barely fifteen minutes. There was a small problem in the installation flow for my thermostat, but one tweet and a call from the tado° support later and everything was working just fine!

tado° - Did you instantly understand how tado° works and how to use it?

Tobias - Yes, nearly - especially regarding the app and the presence detection. The concept is just easy and brilliant!

tado° - How would you describe tado° with only three words?

Tobias - Clever, green, and simple.

tado° - How are you using tado°? Do you leave the control 24/7 to tado° or do you prefer to set the temperature manually with the app?

Tobias - tado° controls our heating day and night. From time to time we use the manual mode especially lately when it is gets warm outside and we open the windows.

tado° - Which is your favorite tado° feature?

Tobias - In the beginning definitely the presence detection. Lately I’m even more thrilled by the tado° intelligence. tado° knows if it should start to heat or if the heating can be turned off because it is warm outside. That’s fantastic!

tado° - Thanks again for your time, Tobias.

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