2014, l’anno del termostato intelligente

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Sapevate che gli utenti tado° sono riusciti a risparmiare insieme l’equivalente di 180 vagoni di carbone?
L’infografica visualizza le esperienze ed i momenti più importanti di quest’anno!


Christian Deilmann

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Meet Till - one lucky beta user

It’s an honor to introduce to you Till who is one of our beta users. This tall man has been one of the few first lucky ones to test tado° for free in his home. He has been an avid user and outstanding help for the entire tado° team. So we decided to meet him…

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Super Energy Brothers

All of us strive to use energy more efficiently. At the same time we enjoy returning to a warm home, listening to music and drinking cold beer. Therefore we highly recommend Polarstern from Munich – Germany’s most sustainable utility…

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