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tado° Care, our new service, ensures that your heating system always runs flawlessly.

Are you uninterested in dealing with the details of your heating system? Even more so when it comes to fixing problems? We can help! At the IFA technology show in Berlin today, we have presented our exclusive new service - tado° Care.

This digital boiler protection is an additional service which is part of tado° Heating and ensures that your heating system always runs flawlessly. tado° is the only Smart Thermostat which is able to connect to the digital boiler interfaces of most manufacturers in Europe. With this direct digital connection to your heating system, malfunctions and maintenance requirements can be detected well in advance to prevent boiler breakdowns. In case of any service or error messages you will be notified immediately via Mobile App news feed and you will get detailed self-help instructions from us. If necessary, we will connect you to an engineer. This service is enabled by our numerous partnerships like the one with HomeServe plc (LON:HSV). So, from now on you don’t have to worry about your heating system any more.

The basic version is now available free of charge for all customers who already have the tado° Smart Thermostat as well as for all new customers. It will be enabled automatically. Further packages will be available shortly on our website.

Not a tado° customer yet? What better reason to get the Smart Thermostat just in time for the start of the heating season? With tado° Care, we will do an automated remote boiler check once per year to ensure that your heating system is prepared for the winter. And you don’t have to care about anything!

tado° Care brings the idea of the Smart Thermostat to a new level. Not only can you save heating costs as well as energy while enhancing your comfort, now we offer you an ‘all-round carefree package’. Your heating system will be protected from damages and you can be sure that it will always run smoothly when you need it.
The press release regarding tado° Care can be found here: tado° Care Press Release (PDF).

The new optimized App Report which now displays a new and more informative temperature profile.

Additionally, we have developed an optimized report for the Mobile App which now shows the temperature profile of your heating system in even more detail. With just a touch you will be able to display the individual temperature values over the course of the day. Furthermore, our Mobile Apps for iOS and Android are now natively programmed which makes them faster, more reliable, smoother, and considerably enhances the user experience. The update will be available in the App Stores soon.

Don’t have the tado° Smart Thermostat yet?


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