tado° and HomeServe plc sign partnership agreement

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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

tado° and HomeServe plc sign partnership agreement

Munich, August 29, 2014 - Smart thermostat company tado° is teaming up with HomeServe plc (LON:HSV), a leading European home assistance provider, to offer HomeServe customers greater control over how they manage their heating systems. HomeServe will sell the tado° smart thermostat to its 5.5m customers in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, and the USA.

tado° is the European market leader in home climate control for consumers. Its products help customers to save heating costs without sacrificing comfort. Their geo-aware smartphone app automatically senses when nobody is at home and the heating system can be switched to a savings mode. As soon as one of the residents starts to head home, tado° reacts immediately and warms up the house to the desired temperature.
tado° launched in the UK in November 2013, a year after the devices first went on sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. tado° is growing rapidly as consumers seek to save on fuel bills using intelligent technology.

“The British are clearly the innovation leaders in adopting smart thermostats. The UK is the country with the most installations in Europe,” says Christian Deilmann, founder and CEO of tado°. He further adds: “We are delighted to have won the best home assistance provider HomeServe as a partner. The partnership helps tado° access new customers across several important countries. The fit of the companies and the products ensure superior offerings to customers.”

HomeServe plc supplies home emergency insurance coverage and domestic repair services to Britain’s homes through its own network of directly employed and subcontracting engineers.

HomeServe Membership CEO Martin Bennett says: “We’re incredibly excited to be offering HomeServe customers the opportunity to use tado° products and the benefits offered from the system speak for themselves. We’re confident that customers will find the system easy-to-use and benefit from this innovative approach in controlling their home heating system more conveniently.”

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Il materiale visivo ad alta risoluzione è disponibile al seguente indirizzo: https://www.tado.com/it/stampa

Informazioni su tado°

Fondata nel 2011 da Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz, Valentin Sawadski e Leopold von Bismarck a Monaco di Baviera, tado° è leader europeo per lo sviluppo di soluzioni intelligenti di termoregolazione. Con il dispositivo IoT per il controllo intelligente dei climatizzatori, tado° rivoluziona il mondo della climatizzazione domestica. Grazie ad un’applicazione per dispositivi mobili, tado° modifica in automatico la temperatura in base alla posizione dell’utente rispetto casa garantendo risparmio energetico, economico ed un maggior livello di comfort.


Contatto stampa

tado GmbH
Vanessa Dallaserra
Sapporobogen 6-8
80637 Munich / Alemania

+39 011 19620200
facebook.com/tado.it | twitter.com/tado_IT | youtube.com/tado

About HomeServe

HomeServe is a national home assistance company providing plumbing, drainage, electrics and heating maintenance and repair services through its own network of directly employed and sub-contracting specialist engineers. Around 2 million people in the UK have placed their trust in HomeServe and turn to us when it comes to fixing, maintaining and looking after their home.

Press contact HomeServe:
Mark Round on 01922 698583 or
John Greaves on 01922 427907




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