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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

tado° signs partnership agreements with AT&T and Telefónica’s O2 to make headway in rapidly growing smart home market

Las Vegas, Jan 5th 2016 - Smart home climate control pioneer tado° today announces its new partnerships with AT&T and UK-based O2 to improve life at home through connectivity. Telecoms have historically developed from landline to mobile communications and are now coming to the next phase of not only connecting computers and handsets but also the important things in our homes for more comfort, efficiency and security.

tado° always ensures that your home is pre-warmed before you even step through your front door. In addition to automatically turning on your heating when you are heading home, these new partnerships allow for exciting new features such as turning on the lights, disabling the alarm system, or calling the elevator. This means everything can be ready for when you are heading home - all done seamlessly in the background for you.

David Plumb, Digital Director at O2 says: “By partnering with the very best device, platform and service providers, we will be able to give people the smartest tech for their homes. But crucially, we will use our O2 Gurus, with installation experts, to make it easy and simple for people to get the most out of that tech, ensuring they can save money and time or simply gain peace of mind. With 25 million O2 customers in the UK, we are excited to be using our scale and expertise to help customers get the everyday benefits of connected tech in the home.”

“Intelligent climate control is emerging as a clear centerpiece of any connected home. Through these partnerships, O2 and AT&T will bring tado°'s unique functionality to its vast audience of consumers who are rapidly adopting the concept of the Internet-connected home," said Christian Deilmann, CEO of tado°.

The tado° solutions via O2 and AT&T will be brought to market in summer 2016.

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Fondata nel 2011 da Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz, Valentin Sawadski e Leopold von Bismarck a Monaco di Baviera, tado° è leader europeo per lo sviluppo di soluzioni intelligenti di termoregolazione. Con il dispositivo IoT per il controllo intelligente dei climatizzatori, tado° rivoluziona il mondo della climatizzazione domestica. Grazie ad un’applicazione per dispositivi mobili, tado° modifica in automatico la temperatura in base alla posizione dell’utente rispetto casa garantendo risparmio energetico, economico ed un maggior livello di comfort.

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