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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

tado° Smart AC Control

Targets 1 billion ACs globally

Compatible with 82% of all installed AC units in the world. No wiring necessary.

Automatically adjusts your AC power to your location

Using smartphone location services outdoors, and Bluetooth Low Energy / iBeacon® indoors.

Saves energy & money

Reduces your AC’s electricity consumption by up to 40%.

San Francisco/Munich, May 12, 2014 - Today, the high-tech start-up tado° launches the world’s first Internet-of-Things device designed to make remote controlled air conditioning systems smart. The launch takes place on Kickstarter USA, inviting people from around the world to back the project and be the first to receive tado° Smart AC Control this summer.

The intelligent tado° smartphone app detects when the last person has left the house, and automatically turns off the air conditioning. Additionally, when any person is on the way home, tado° begins to pre-cool the house. tado’s indoor positioning system, based on Bluetooth Low Energy/iBeacon® technology, allows one to move throughout the house without turning on and off the ACs. Instead you can rely on tado’s room-to-room feature to know what room to cool and when. Even users without a smartphone can take advantage of tado°’s intelligence thanks to its onboard array of ambient light, motion and noise sensors. With the tado° app on your smartphone you can keep an eye on how tado° is working for you. It also allows you to adjust your home temperature according to your preferences - even while on the move. On the tado° Smart AC Control device itself there is a translucent matrix LED display and a capacitive touch interface for quick and easy adjustments.

The new tado° device is compatible with any remote controlled wall mounted (also called ductless or split-units), in-window, or portable AC unit. It connects to the AC via infrared and links it to the Internet via WiFi. To setup tado° Smart AC Control you simply point the AC remote at the device, then press the temperature controls and fan speed buttons to teach tado° the language of your specific AC unit. The combination of location sensing, weather forecasts and intelligent software enables tado° to achieve ideal indoor temperatures and higher energy efficiency with AC units already installed in homes and small offices. Here tado° leverages its experiences and intelligent algorithms it has developed since 2011 for the European heating market.

tado° launch on Kickstarter

From May 12th until June 11th, anyone can pledge their support on the world's largest funding platform: Kickstarter.com. The funding goal is $150,000 within 30 days. “We are really excited about our new product. If enough people like our idea and support the project we will bring tado° Smart AC Control to the mass market. We see Kickstarter as a great tool to involve early adopters in the ongoing development of the tado° platform,” says Leopold von Bismarck, CMO at tado°. With tado’s ‘Early Bird’ offer on Kickstarter, the device is available for $69 (the future retail price will be $149). Additionally, anyone who orders tado° Smart AC Control on Kickstarter will receive the device 4 months before it is available in the tado° webshop or in selected retail locations.

Why we made it

“At tado° we strongly believe that combining efficient use of energy seamlessly into our lifestyle will enable a more comfortable and sustainable world. Therefore, we are designing cutting edge technology to add intelligence to the devices used in our daily lives. The potential for the tado° community around the world to have a big impact on the environment and the resources of our planet is tremendous.” says Christian Deilmann, founder and CEO of tado°.


Voor meer beeld, kijk op: https://www.tado.com/lu-nl/pers

Over tado°

tado°, de Europese leider op het gebied van slimme klimaatbeheersing in huis, is opgericht in 2011 door Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz, Valentin Sawadski en Leopold von Bismarck. Het tado° hoofdkantoor staat in München.

Met zijn slimme thermostaat en slimme airco bediening ontketent tado° een revolutie in de manier waarop in het huis energie wordt verbruikt. Door het gebruik van een geo-locatie app verandert tado° automatisch de temperatuur op basis van de locatie van de bewoners en stelt huishoudens in staat om aanzienlijk op energiekosten te besparen, terwijl ze meer comfort ervaren.


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