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The Heating App

Fresh from tado° labs: smarter heating with an eye on costs

Berlin, 5 September 2013 - Just in time for the IFA technology show in Berlin, the Munich-based start-up tado° is adding a brand new feature to its heating app: a daily updated display of heating costs. The high-tech firm is so confident from its experience of recent years that it is even offering customers a money-back savings guarantee.

Direct cost comparison

The heating costs of individual households are generally calculated annually. The procedure is not particularly clear and bears little relation to the customer's heating behavior. That means consumers are at the mercy of their energy provider's bill. Now, with the new version of the tado° app, users are just a finger-click away from viewing the day's approximated heating costs both with and without the intelligent tado° control. “With the new app's cost comparison tool we aim to offer our customers even greater transparency. Users can keep an eye on their energy use and will soon also be able to view an annual heating costs forecast. What's more, the learning capability of tado° means these figures are getting more precise all the time,” explains Christian Deilmann, Founder and CEO of tado°. So for the first time tado° puts consumers in charge of how much they are prepared to spend on heating. The nasty shock of a whopping bill at the end of the year will be a thing of the past.

tado° presence detection now visualized

The new app is designed to help users understand the automatic presence detection function more easily. Now users can see at a glance whether tado° is heating for residents currently at home or allowing the temperature to fall because they are all out of the house. The system is then set to “Home” or “Away” mode accordingly. With this app, using the tado° intelligence is a simple and playful experience. For Christian Deilmann, being able to have fun while consuming energy as efficiently as possible is absolutely crucial if people are to adopt greener habits at home.

Buy or rent with a savings guarantee

The new version of the tado° app can be downloaded for iOS and Android free of charge. Those who would like to actively use tado° will require the Connector Kit, which hooks the heating system up to the web. It is compatible with almost all heating systems, regardless of the manufacturer. The Connector Kit is available to buy with lifetime service from for €299 or to rent for €8.25 on a monthly contract. Flex customers who decide for the rental plan even enjoy a savings guarantee. “Anyone who hasn't cut their heating costs by at least €120/year in the first year will have their rental payments for the last 12 months refunded,” explains Leopold v. Bismarck, CMO of tado°.


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About tado°

tado° is the heating app for private households, small businesses and shops. It detects where the residents currently are and controls the temperature accordingly. It also takes current weather forecasting data and building characteristics into account. With its fully automatic heating control, tado° not only makes everyday life easier, it makes your home or place of work more comfortable and brings about an average saving of 27 percent on heating costs and CO2. The company tado° GmbH was founded by Christian Deilmann, Johannes Schwarz and Valentin Sawadski in 2011. The team has been working on the development of tado° at the headquarters in Munich for around three years. After going to market in November 2012 and gaining thousands of users in the German-speaking area, tado° is being made available to the whole of Europe from October 2013. The name “tado” is derived from the Japanese greetings “tadaima” and “okaeri”. Loosely translated, they mean “I'm home” and “Welcome home”. “

tado° is developed and manufactured in the local region, staying true to the motto: “High-tech made in Bavaria, designed in Munich, assembled near Ammersee.”“.

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