How tado° controls your AC through geolocation

Smart AC Control

tado° Smart AC Control automatically pre-cools to your scheduled temperature before you get home and turns the AC off when you leave.

tado° app

The smartphone app lets tado° detect how far away you are from home and sets the temperature accordingly.

Geolocation and further features

Control from anywhere

Want to quickly take a glimpse at your home temperature or change a setting? Just open the app to monitor and access any setting while on the move. Now that’s a smart air conditioner!


While you are approaching your home, the tado° Smart AC Control starts pre-cooling so it’s nice and cool when you arrive - all through the use of your phone’s location.

Easy setup

The tado° Smart AC Control connects to your home Wi-Fi, no additional device or wiring is needed. It can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table.

Multi-zone control

Control multiple ACs at home within one app.


The report gives you quick access to the recorded temperatures, humidity and more, all at a glance.


The Smart AC Control can be customized even further through other services such as IFTTT or Amazon Echo (only US) - create a tailored automated home!

Supports Heating

In case your air conditioner or heat pump can also act as a heater the Smart AC Control will be able to control it (only works if your remote has a display).

Connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi

Internet connection

The Smart AC Control connects to the internet via your home’s Wi-Fi.

Data security

The data transferred between the device, the cloud server, and the mobile devices is encrypted using the same technologies practiced by online banking.

Auto updates

tado° devices are connected to the internet, which means that you receive free updates and the latest features as soon as they are available.

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