Regulate your AC from your phone

Mobile app

Keep an eye on how tado° is managing your home with the tado° mobile app, even on the go. The report (pending app update) shows you when your air conditioning was on and what triggered it. Want to know how much you spent on cooling today? Our mobile app will tell you with just a swipe of your finger.

Web app

You can also access your tado° from a computer by logging in to You can check the status of your home and Smart AC Control, as well as change any settings just like in the mobile app.

A day with tado° Smart AC Control

7:20 am Good morning!

While you’re still sleeping, tado° is already awake and cooling your home to your perfect morning temperature.

A day with tado° Smart AC Control

8:30 am Off to work

Today you’re leaving a little earlier - but don’t worry, tado° will switch off the air conditioner no matter when you leave the house - automatically and without you having to lift a finger. This will save you time, energy & money.

A day with tado° Smart AC Control

6:30 pm Your working day is done

- and that’s when tado° gets going. As soon as you’re on your way home, tado° cools your home to the perfect temperature. This way you have it perfectly cool, ready for when you arrive home.

A day with tado° Smart AC Control

The tado° app

The tado° app gives you full access to your settings while on the move or from the couch. Change the AC mode, the temperature or the fan speed quickly and easily from the control panel.

Further app functions

Multi-zone support

If you have multiple ACs in different parts of your home, then you can set each one up with a Smart AC Control for independent multi-zone control from your phone.


Keep an eye on what your home is doing by checking the daily graph in the app.

Smart Schedule

Just set a schedule for different temperatures at different times of the day, and tado° will automatically adapt this by turning the air conditioning off when you’re not there to save you energy.

Smart Home Integrations

Control your tado° with your voice - simply say to your Amazon Echo what the temperature should be for whatever zone. Learn more.

Intelligent climate control with Google Home and the tado° Smart AC Control. Learn more.

tado° works with your IFTTT account. You can create recipes so that tado° triggers or reacts to other products and web-services. Learn more.


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