Heating control with the tado° app

Mobile app

The mobile app tells your Smart Thermostat how far away you are from home. You will always know the temperature at home and you can change the settings from wherever you are.

Web app

You can also control your tado° via a computer. Simply go to tado.com/login in the browser.


The report gives you a detailed oversight of the temperature and heating times. This can be found in the mobile and web apps.

Your day with tado°

07:15 Home Mode

While you’re still sleeping, tado° is awake and will heat your home to your perfect morning temperature.

Your day with tado°

09:15 Away Mode

After the last person has left home, tado° turns the heating down to save energy and money.

Your day with tado°

18:31 Home Mode

You’re on your way home from work - tado° detects and takes care. As soon as you’re on your way back tado° will begin to pre-heat your house to your perfect temperature.

Your day with tado°

23:10 Sleep mode

Time to go to sleep - also for tado°. But not before setting your heating to your desired sleeping temperature.

Additional features of the tado° app

Multi-zone control

If you have Additonal Smart Thermostats, you can control various zones by swiping to the left or right.

Hot water control

The tado° Extension Kit can control your hot water and only calls for it when needed. This saves energy and can prevent the emergence of bacteria such as legionella.

Smart Schedule

Create time blocks with various temperatures for your heating zones.


Follow your home temperature throughout the day in the app reports and see how much energy your heating system is using.


Simply combine your tado° products with other applications and devices via IFTTT (If This Then That, www.ifttt.com). IFTTT helps you create ‘Recipes’ between products and web services and allows you to create your very own smart home.

You will soon be able to control your Smart Thermostats via Apple HomeKit. If you want to connect your Smart Thermostat with HomeKit, you will need the new Internet Bridge. Starter Kits include free upgrade voucher to claim the HomeKit-compatible bridge once the certification process is finalized. In case you own an older version you can upgrade to the Internet Bridge separately. More information can be found in our help center article.

Control your tado° with your voice - simply say to your Amazon Echo what the temperature should be for whatever zone. (Currently only available in the US, United Kingdom, Germany and Austria)


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