The Smart Thermostat

tado° uses your phone’s location to cut your heating bill.

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The Smart Radiator Thermostats

Now available - tado° automatically controls your radiators individually to suit your needs.

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Make your home smart

tado° supports several platforms, such as IFTTT, Amazon Echo and soon Apple HomeKit.

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The Smart Thermostat

tado° uses your phone’s location to cut your heating bill.

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Location-based heating control

tado° recognises whether the resident is at home, is leaving the house or is on the way back home. In the resident's absence the device automatically turns down the heating.

Control from anywhere

The tado° app makes it possible to access the heating system directly and to adjust individual settings at any time, in any place.

Save up to 31% on your heating bills

Using the intelligent and energy-saving heating control of tado° saves valuable energy and up to 31% of heating costs.

Weather forecasts integration

tado° takes into account the weather forecast to ensure the most efficient heating control.

How tado° controls your heating

Make your heating smart - with geolocation control

Save 31% of your heating bill with tado°

Calculate your potential savings

Heating control with the tado° app

Full control over your heating - thanks to mobile and browser apps. Soon also with Apple HomeKit

Find your tado° setup

tado° is compatible with 95% of heating systems

New version

Smart Thermostat - Starter Kit (v3)

from 6.99 € 4.99 € / month


Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit

from 5.99 € 3.99 € / month

tado° makes the difference

tado° customers saved as much energy as 52 wind turbines can produce in 2015.


We understand that heating systems and air conditioners are sometimes complicated and not everybody is an expert.

If you have any questions about tado° we are happy to call you back. Naturally this is free of charge.

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