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tado° windows phone app experience

Andreas is on the move, while his heating is at rest.

Meet Andreas - a busy man who loves his new tado° Windows Phone app

Andreas is travelling on business throughout Europe, and for over 6 months he has been using the smart tado° thermostat for his approximately 100sqm house. He was one of the first to be able to try the new tado° app on his Windows Phone. He has just arrived in London and the new app indicates that tado° is already saving him money. We met with him and talked to him about his experience:

tado° – What has changed for you since you started using tado °?

Andreas – I'm really happy when I open my front door and come into a warm room :)

tado° – Why did you choose to use tado°?

Andreas – There are hardly any manufacturer-independent control systems on the market. After a visit to Cebit 2014, I was sure that with tado° I would be getting a good, expandable system. This has indeed been confirmed.

tado° – How was the installation?

Andreas – For me as a technician, installation was very easy. I actually spent more time adjusting the temperature and positioning the sensor. I currently seem to have the system under control. The online installation guide helped me through the simple illustration of the various circuit diagrams to understand the technical implementation of tado° and to adapt it to my heating system.

tado° – How do you use your tado° thermostat?

Andreas – I leave the control of my heating completely to tado°. The thermostat is running in auto mode around the clock.

tado° – What do you think of the new tado° Windows Phone App?

Andreas – For me it's important that apps are simple to use. This is the case with the tado ° Windows Phone app. I was able to download and install the app easily. The integration of my new housemate was also straightforward. In addition to the Windows Phone I also use an older Android smartphone and the tado° app looks better and even sharper on my Nokia Lumia 820. The automatic presence and absence detection works great!

tado° – How would you describe tado° in three words?

Andreas – Easy Heating Upgrade

tado° – What is your favourite feature of tado°?

Andreas – The automatic presence or proximity detection.

tado° – Would you recommend tado° to your friends and family?

Andreas – Yes, especially because of the home function. It's just great to come back from a business trip to a warm home. I am an enthusiastic user of tado° and I am glad I could bring my heating into the Internet age.

tado° – Thanks for taking the time to talk with us, Andreas!


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