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Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

tado° doubles down on clean air with new app release

IFA Berlin, 06.09.2019 - tado°, the leader in intelligent home climate management, today introduces a new app release to give users better insight into the air quality surrounding their homes and lives. tado° users will now be able to track what kind of pollutants and pollen are in the air they are breathing and get actionable advice on when to ventilate the home or keep the windows closed.

Pollution and air quality in and outside the home have become a global concern as the health effects of poor air are more widely known. Over 90 percent[1] of the world’s population lives with toxic air, which has led the World Health Organization to declare the issue a global ‘public health emergency’.

Giving real-time and predictive data as well as insights on air quality can help people reduce the bad air that they are breathing. tado° users will see the Air Quality Index (AQI) score outside their home and can use the information to act upon. Want to know what’s in the air you are breathing? No problem, tado° reveals the most significant pollutants in your environment. Moreover, tado° presents pollen forecasts on grasses, weeds, and trees to help residents manage their day.

“Our users, like the wider public, are concerned over what kind of air they are breathing,” explains tado° Co-founder and CPO Christian Deilmann. “Our Smart Thermostats, apps and software are dedicated to delivering the perfect climate at home - comfortable, energy efficient, and of course healthy.” 

The new features expand upon the tado° Air Comfort Skill which brings outdoor and indoor air data together without the need to purchase new hardware. Users can see room-by-room humidity levels, and receive tips and tricks on how to improve indoor air comfort. tado° integrates numerous data points into clear visualisations to make air quality much more simple to understand and act upon.

About tado°

Founded in Munich, 2011, tado° is the leader in intelligent home climate management. With its Smart Thermostats for heating and cooling, tado° works as your Climate Assistant with Skills such as Geofencing, Weather Adaptation, Open Window Detection, Air Comfort, and more. Having secured over USD 100m in funding and with ~200 employees, tado° reshapes the way energy is consumed at home for more comfort, savings, and wellbeing.


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[1] Air pollution is the ‘new tobacco’, warns WHO head


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