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How your AC becomes smart and makes your life more comfortable in the year of the monkey

A life without air conditioning is almost unthinkable in Singapore. Due to the hot and humid climate, the vast majority of Singaporeans own air conditioners. You need your AC to concentrate at work, to cool down after coming back from a run or when you are trying to sleep at night.

Due to uncontrolled use, large amounts of energy are wasted leading to unnecessary expenses and environmental damage. Our Smart AC Control uses the intelligence of the internet to turn any AC into a smart device, thereby generating huge energy and cost savings through smart and bespoke automation. With geolocation, the smartphone app, and the option to connect your AC to other devices, tado° provides more comfort for everyone!

Geolocation & pre-cooling

Never forget to switch off your AC anymore when you are going to work. Through the use of your phone’s location, tado° automatically turns off your AC when the last person leaves home and starts pre-cooling again as soon as you start approaching home. So you always come back to a cool and comfortable home with a pleasant temperature - without any effort on your side.

Personalise your AC, create an individual schedule and set different temperature blocks or modes (e.g. cool mode, eco mode, sleep mode etc.) during the day to get the highest possible comfort.

tado° smartphone app

The tado° smartphone app allows you to control your air conditioner from wherever you are. Whether you are hurrying to work, jogging or lounging on the couch at home - just use your smartphone to check the temperature and adjust the settings in one or multiple rooms.

In addition to the app, you can also view and change several settings directly on the tado° device. Just touch the front of the Smart AC Control to activate the LED matrix display, then you can use the buttons on the touch panel to make quick setting adjustments.

Connected home

Compatible with all infrared (IR) remote controls, tado° can also be connected to other appliances and smart devices using the web service IFTTT ( and very soon to Apple HomeKit products. With IFTTT you can create your own recipes to connect the products and apps you use every day. For example, you can use the geolocation features of your Smart AC Control to activate your alarm system when you leave home or turn on the lights when you are on your way back from work.

Another intelligent feature that will soon be released is humidity-based control. The Smart AC Control already includes a humidity sensor that will be unlocked and activated by an upcoming software update.

We all have a responsibility to stop wasting energy. tado° offers a way to do so and start living a smarter life. In addition to the increased comfort, you can save up to 40 per cent on your energy costs.

So what are you waiting for!? Be a pioneer in intelligent air conditioning and enjoy all the benefits of the Smart AC Control. For more information about the Smart AC Control click here.


Christoph Kunert

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