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You can now connect your tado° Smart Thermostat and Smart AC Control to other appliances and devices via IFTTT (If this then that). IFTTT makes the internet work for you, allowing you to create simple connections between products and web services you use every day. Through our new channels you can combine selected triggers and actions and mix them into your own individual recipes.

Smart Thermostat (Heating)

Smart AC Control (Air conditioning)

There are many possibilities from fun recipes to really useful combinations helping to save energy and increasing comfort and security at home. To kick things off, we created 50 recipes for you and we’ll extend this in the coming weeks and months. While some of our users have already created some great recipes from ‘If my stock price drops below _ turn off the Heating to save money’ to ‘Turn off Hue lights if tado is in away mode’.

With IFTTT, the tado° geolocation feature can be used for purposes other than smart heating or cooling. For example, when the last tado° user leaves the house, not only will the heating automatically go to savings mode, but simultaneously the lights and electric home appliances like the coffee machine or TV switch off, the alarm system activates and the front door locks.

Create and suggest your own recipes!

Post your favourite or suggested tado° recipes on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages or comment on this blog post with the hashtag #tadoTopChef and we’ll develop the best ones and share on our social media channels. The suggestions with the most Likes/Favourites will get special consideration and kudos from us!

We hope you’ll love our new channels and we’re looking forward to hearing your ideas! Enjoy and get cooking!


Paul Hughes

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